10 things you learn from skateboarding

10 things you learn from skateboarding

This is really remarkable, whether skateboarding is just a child’s play, not useful for life. Or this sport always benefits the player and many other interesting things, so what can we learn from skateboarding?

Instead of sports that only give players health and toughness, on the other hand, skateboarding is one of the most useful activities that both boys and girls can participate in. For skater aside from the obvious lessons they realize like “never give up”, “the shadow is really annoying” there are other things besides, that can we just pack? skills.

1. Understand shoes

Proof: You own shoes like DC Lynx, Vans Half Cab or Nike Stefan Janoski. All are great skateboard shoes.

Shoes suddenly become an indispensable thing if you participate in this sport, this is when you have to learn about shoes, what shoes are suitable for skating, which shoes are not. Going to the department store you always spend a while to stay longer in the shoe stores, often paying attention to the shoes people around. Or how do you understand the difference between Vulcanized and Cupsole sole, that’s more than 90% of the population is knowledgeable about your shoes. So from the skateboarding subject has accidentally brought you a lot of knowledge about different types of skateboarding shoes and also helps you choose the right shoes. Maybe one day you will become Sneaker Head even if you join from skateboarding.

2. You find styles in everything

Proof: You can understand how things look so interesting and engaging.

In skateboarding style is always something that attracts both skaters and onlookers. Maybe you are not too good at skateboarding, or you can do many other techniques that cannot be done, but you create a new style, a new style that makes others want to follow your skateboarding form. session. From skateboarding you not only find your style while skiing but sometimes the opposite, you can express yourself there.

3. Gain more knowledge about geography

Proof: Ask skater about where the platforms, ledge or rail are good skaters. They will show you.

Most skater are from young people who have not had a chance to travel to many parts of the world, but they are really people who do not lack geographic knowledge. It’s as simple as if you are a “rookie” and want to know more places to skateboard, to practice, ask the bigger skater. They know which rink has a good floor surface, which yard has a box, ledge or rail that suits your needs. Moreover, if they are Pro skater, they will surely answer to tell you where the image below is …

4. Construction skills

Proof: Most skater has ever built or built some skateboard related product (eg: box or rail)

Surely the skater boys in the world do these things very often, just from the wooden slats and iron bars that are brought to the garage with time and passion to be able to create mini boxes or mini rails. It is possible that skater now does not do that anymore, but often to skate parks where there is sufficient infrastructure suitable for skateboarding. Anyway, from the sport of skateboarding has also brought us more skills in construction, so that it can be applied to life, not just in this sport.

5. You see everything as tools

Proof: You use the board not just to slide back and forth, or you only spend a few minutes to troubleshoot the board.

Surely in the first period of time anyone going skateboarding also had many problems with their boards (eg liquid truck, hard truck, wheel shifted a lot, …). All of that is really difficult for the rookie. But the beginning is the same, just after participating in skateboarding, gradually skater like becoming engineers.

6. First aid skills

Proof: Turning your legs while skateboarding, no problem, with a cool ice cube 15 minutes later you can continue.

In skateboarding, injuries are as small as scraping limbs. But for major injuries like ankle flip, leg fracture or finger fracture is the transfer no one skater wants to face.

7. Use another vehicle like a skateboard

Proof: Has anyone ever tried to “kickflip” a car? – Rob Dyrdek

The first “kickflip” – is the technique that comes from the sport of skateboarding (this paragraph tag the term link on). But whoever applies a technique on a small board to a car is Rob Dyrek. It’s pretty crazy to do this, but it’s not uncommon for this guy to be a Pro skater and also a TV star, which will take his fame away.

8. Able to avoid signs and prohibition points.

Proof: You already know where skateboarding is and where is forbidden since participating in the sport.

Through the article where skaters (link here) probably know, not every place can play this sport. But after each meeting with a security guard, or having to run for your life because the security at the place you went to skate “too hard”, even darker than you can be confiscated by them. So the word skateboarding has brought you to note “always observe the place before you put the board down”.

9. Job skills

Proof: Many people have many different jobs with one starting point, they were both skater.

The word skateboarding can bring you many other things to consider or other useful activities that you may not pay attention to. Think about it: graphic design, carpentry, sales, marketing, painting, team management, filmmaking, fashion, and entrepreneurship. All of that could be the idea that comes from reading a skateboard magazine, watching a movie slide or going skiing. Science Proven: The above practical ideas and by extending it, skateboarding is still more useful than many sports.

10. Don’t hesitate to go anywhere.

Proof: Even if you are a young child, you have traveled with other skater to many of the ideal skating locations outside where you are.

Being able to go to many places is really what everyone wants, not just skater. Going to the new ski rinks, new places is really fun, it’s like going to a picnic. So from skateboarding, you can go more, “HFWTH – Have fun with the homies”, enjoy the trip more independent, more mature.